Seeking Feedback on Max For Live Soundcheck App Prototype

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Seeking Feedback on Max For Live Soundcheck App Prototype

Post by AzureKaito » Thu Jul 04, 2024 1:45 am

Hello Ableton Community!

I’m currently developing a Max For Live application aimed at enhancing the soundcheck process within Ableton Live. This application is designed to assist musicians and audio engineers in monitoring and optimizing audio levels, connectivity, and device status during soundchecks and rehearsals.

Project Overview:
The primary goal of this project is to streamline the soundcheck workflow by providing real-time monitoring and diagnostics tools directly within Ableton Live. By integrating these features into a Max For Live device, users can achieve more efficient setup and troubleshooting processes, ultimately improving overall audio quality and workflow efficiency.

Current Progress:
I have completed the initial concept and prototype phase of the Max For Live soundcheck app. Currently, I have developed basic functionalities such as device scanning, connectivity status checks, and preliminary audio level monitoring. The next steps involve refining these features, optimizing performance, and integrating additional diagnostic tools based on user feedback.

Specific Feedback Needed:

  • User Interface Design: Feedback on the usability and visual design of the Max For Live device interface.
  • Functionality Testing: Suggestions for additional functionalities or improvements to existing features (e.g., real-time audio analysis, advanced device diagnostics).
  • Integration with Ableton Live: Insights on optimizing integration with Ableton Live’s existing features and workflows.
  • Performance Optimization: Tips for improving performance efficiency without compromising functionality.
I am eager to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and any experiences you may have with similar projects or functionalities within Ableton Live. Your feedback will be instrumental in shaping the future development of this Max For Live soundcheck app.

Please feel free to message me on the forums if interested!

Thank you all for your time and valuable input!

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Re: Seeking Feedback on Max For Live Soundcheck App Prototype

Post by Angstrom » Thu Jul 04, 2024 7:03 pm

One thing which would probably be handy in a soundcheck app (which I've thought of making for myself) is a couple of buttons which send out a slow sine wave sweep from 50hz to 2k (or so). Firstly at -12db and for the brave a -3db.

The reason is that when setting up the tech always asks for a signal and I usually end up tapping a pad to trigger a kick. I always think it would be better to say "here's a sweep at -12 db" and they can tell me if it seems ok, clipped, whatever.

Just a thought.

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