push 3 touch strip sending midi c-1 note on

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push 3 touch strip sending midi c-1 note on

Post by russ » Wed Jul 10, 2024 11:42 am

Hi there,

my new push, touch strip is sending midi note on data c-1 every time i press it, i'm thinking this is not normal behaviour - i've searched for settings to try and see why but couldnt find anything

any ideas or is mine faulty?

edit* its actually touching any of the encoders - jog wheel, top encoders, two left encoders.. urgh, faulty i guess?

Pt2* if I select 'frompush' as Midi source it's OK and works fine, as advertised. Error is only if I have Midi port2 selected as midi source. AFAIK it shouldn't send a Midi note on c-1 message with any touch of encoders etc? Seems like hardware issue....? But maybe it's software doing something weird, idk

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