copy/paste of midi/key control config between livesets

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copy/paste of midi/key control config between livesets

Post by lanquarem » Wed Jul 21, 2004 4:08 pm

Hello. This is my problem :

I play mainly in bars and clubs, and Live is at the centre of my config. I work a lot on ergonomy and interaction, and I try to keep the same rules between my sets.

Each time I have a new idea about how to improve the way I interact with Live with my control surface or the Keyboard, I have to reconfigure the settings in all my previous sets... this will become tedious when I will have dozens of sets !

I really do not know how you could implement this fonction...

- a copy-paste function of midi-key controls between livesets ?
- editable "control-config files ?" associated with the sets ?
- a "global control" mode that I could switch on and off ?

I'm sure you will find another great idea.

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