(solved) 8.4b1 does not correctly open older Live Set

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(solved) 8.4b1 does not correctly open older Live Set

Post by SKerkewitz » Sun Jul 08, 2012 5:06 pm

It seems that 8.4.b1 does not open Live Sets stored with 8.3.x Version correctly.

In my concrete case i open a older live set and noticed that several track sound very strange. The reason is that the VSTi plugin loaded up the initial init patch instead the patch they stored with.

I can reproduce that behavior with massive:

Load Live 8.3.2
Add NI Massive VSTi
Select a patch in Massive (i used Analogue Dreams from the Massive Factory Bank)
Add Lives EQ8 and Lives Compressor after Massive (not sure if that is needed to reproduce, but i had them both in the original set).
Store Live Set and leave Live

Open Live 8.4.b1
Open the live store live
Enjoy the the init patch in Massive

With FM8 is have the same issue.

I'm on Win Vista x64 using Live (not Suite)

I was about to add the version of the the NI plugins and i found the problem; the x64 Version were way older then the x32. So i guess it has nothing to do with Live at all as NI changed the preset format some month ago and i guess you will face that problem with any DAW.

Anyway, i updated the x64 versions and everything load up as it should be. Sorry for the fuzz.

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Re: (solved) 8.4b1 does not correctly open older Live Set

Post by [mal] » Mon Jul 09, 2012 12:39 pm

good to hear you found the error. In the future please post all plugin related issues here:


[edit] I am locking this thread since the problem is resolved