* How to sync VIDEO with Live (PC)

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* How to sync VIDEO with Live (PC)

Post by audiojet » Wed Jun 01, 2005 4:43 pm

How to sync VIDEO with Live (using a PC)

Well...I am a composer for film and I've been searching this forum for the past year trying to find an efficient way to lock Ableton Live to Video using only one computer and not losing the ability to use my VST plugins and Instruments. There are many programs/Sequencers to use with Live to sync video (on Mac and PC) but all unfortunately steal the VST functions from Live when rewired...and that is the best function of Live, this is just unacceptable.

OK... sorry to ramble, here's what I do. Use FL Studio 5 XXL (http://www.flstudio.com) rewired to Live. Also known as Fruity Loops.

Now this is for the hardcore who Love Ableton Live and desperately want to use it to score video. So if you already own FL Studio you're in Luck if not, well it's worth buying. Just make sure you buy the version that has the Video player option (XXL I believe). You might be able to try this with the FL Studio Demo before buying but I'm not sure if the demo will let you.

It's actually pretty easy...

1. Open Live
2. Open FL Studio ( It will open in rewire mode )
3. From within FL Studio add a channel and make it the Fruity Video Player.
4. Now Size the FL Studio Window to be smaller as opposed to being full.
(So you can actually watch the video in FL Studio and compose in Live at the same time)

Both programs are rewired and synced completely. The Video Player can open and play..

.qt (and Quicktime .mov if you choose all files and just click it)

...there you have it. So it can be done... hopefully Ableton will add Video support in the future for the growing community of composers who use Live, but until then...

PS I have a Pentium III and still have success so if you have trouble just experiment with the Video window size.

Good Luck


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