Pattern based MIDI translator ?

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Pattern based MIDI translator ?

Post by c00kie » Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:44 pm

Folks, I need your help. I have not used m4l before, but think I need to start using it to achieve the following:

A light control software is controlled by receving MIDI events, I started mapping MIDI notes to activate scenes. In order to be flexbible, some scenes control light dimming, others choose motion, others choose color, you get the idea. By "playing chords" I can create a static blue light, then play another chord and have moving green light that is strobed etc.

Now the tricky part: I managed to create a MIDI track that receives Note messages from the attached launchpad and sends them via rtpMIDI where they are received by the lighting program. Works. But I´m running out of buttons !

What I´m looking for is a plugin that has a set of translations, can store them and recall them (preferably called via MIDI messages). So for Song 1 the "color pads" deliver say C0-C1 and that should be transmitted 1:1 to the receiving computer. For song 2, I would need them to send C1-C2 or any wild combination, so a C1 from the launchpad gets turned into a B7 and a D1 gets turned into F5 etc.

It would be extremely nice if the function buttons of the launchpad could select the mappings and the pads would act as scene triggers.

Also, if incoming Notes could be mapped to "chords" on a per-note base, that may be very useful.

Is there something already doing this ? And if not, what´s are the things in m4l I need to look at - or maybe even better: Where do I need start (as I assume this is a bit more complex and not necessarily the first project one should try in m4l)

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