MIDI On Triggers Parameter Change

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MIDI On Triggers Parameter Change

Post by DataLife » Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:56 am

Hey all, looking for a simple M4L device:

I need each MIDI On message – both playing back from MIDI clips, and played on the keyboard – to hit another plugin's power button twice as fast as possible (within 1-2ms). The inspiration being to turn a reverb off/on for each MIDI note, so that the reverb from the previous note doesn’t carry over and cause chaos for lead parts. It’s something I do all the time and it’s a pain to automate.

Options to make this sweeter, in order of importance:

1. lookahead to account for the time it takes to fire both triggers - possibly adjustable for creative effect
2. adjustable delay between the first hit and the second (sync to tempo)
3. mappable to any parameter, send any value
3b. different values for hit 1 vs hit 2
3b2. smoothing between two values, if different (automates from value e.g. 26 to 78 between user-defined duration for Feature #2)


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