Video Export Solution Solved!

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Video Export Solution Solved!

Post by SeanPorio » Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:22 am

So, just as most of us trying to fumble through getting video to work properly in Live, I stumbled upon the same problem so many have before: I could not export the video I was editing sound for. I checked back here on the forums and all I could find was unsolved posts from 2009 all the way to 2018, but I just found a solution, which may not solved everyone's issues, but solved mine.

In my troubleshooting, I thought there may have been an issue with changing parameters from the original video (sample rate, framerate, etc.), so I went through and changed all that for the audio settings upon export, still no luck... BUT... When I checked the video encoder settings the bit depth was set to 16, while in the audio export settings, it was set to 24. Upon lowering the audio export settings to be 16 as well, this solved the problem instantly. I'm not sure how such a simple oversight was left in, but changing those settings to match seemed to solve all my issues.

Let me know if this helps any of y'all! I'm sure it won't solve everyone's problems, but hope it can save some lives! :D

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Re: Video Export Solution Solved!

Post by Pitch Black » Mon Oct 01, 2018 3:16 am

The thing that annoys me about how Live treats video, is that when exporting audio to a movie, the movie is re-encoded. That is to say it's re-rendered, which takes a LOOOONG time, with a generation loss of picture quality.

Logic Pro does not do this. Logic, presumably because it's an Apple product, doesn't re-render the video. It makes an exact COPY of the video stream, and attaches a new audio file to it.
(You have a checkbox option if you want to keep any audio that was attached to the original movie, or not, as you do the export).

Excuse me here if I don't know the correct term, Logic must be de-muxing(?) the audio and video streams inside the Quicktime package, adding the new audio stream, and then re-wrapping the Quicktime package.

I use Logic to export the finished video with a new soundtrack even if the soundtrack was made completely in Live. The video export part takes a long as copying the movie in Finder.

It would be great if Live could do this.
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Re: Video Export Solution Solved!

Post by NemRaps » Fri Mar 20, 2020 8:57 pm


Thank you dude, was about to just give up on a project until I saw this post.

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Re: Video Export Solution Solved!

Post by GreenPiece » Sun Nov 22, 2020 6:30 pm

Thanks a lot!
Yeah Ableton pretty sucks with all things the relates to videos, but let's hope they work on that.

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