Automation settings to persist when recording new clip

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Automation settings to persist when recording new clip

Post by simonoldridge » Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:28 am

Please could we have the ability when recording in a clip to switch off the functionality that causes the automation settings to jump back to the previous manual settings. I am playing in a live electronic group, and between each track (scene), we have inserted a dummy scene with automation changes to audio effects, volumes, and sends so that we're ready for the next track. If this workflow was properly supported by Ableton, it would allow us to refine our live mix in advance of a gig, getting volume levels, audio effects etc just right - hence freeing me to concentrate on playing during the performance rather than mixing.

This workflow nearly works in Ableton. I can run the dummy clips and when I move onto the next scene and start playing, everything stays set to the new automated values. BUT the problem is that when I start recording into a clip, Ableton immediately switches all those carefully applied settings back to the values previously set manually.

I've spoken to one of your very helpful support people so I understand there's no way around this right now.

Please PLEASE consider building in an option to retain automated settings when recording.


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