transpose MIDI computer keyboard by half-step via keystrokes

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transpose MIDI computer keyboard by half-step via keystrokes

Post by walkerbeats » Mon Dec 24, 2018 6:04 pm

hello everybody.

i use Ableton's built-in MIDI computer keyboard quite frequently when I do not have anything but my laptop, it is incredibly useful. that being said, I cannot find a way to quickly transpose the key of the MIDI computer keyboard by a half-step...

i am aware that 'z' and 'x' transpose by octave, and i have used the 'pitch' MIDI effect, but neither of these techniques are what I am after. rather than click-and-dragging the 'pitch' effect, i want to move up and down chromatically by pressing two computer keyboard keys, similar to 'z' and 'x' for octaves, this time just for half-steps.... seems like a reasonable thing to have, especially since Ableton champions the mobile/laptop only music maker.

again, i want to stay within the computer keyboard to make this happen. if the feature is not built in, is there a way to build keyboard short-cuts? it does not look like you can assign +1 or -1 to the pitch effect by a keystroke...

let me know, thanks!
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