Push 2 Touchstrip workarounds?

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Push 2 Touchstrip workarounds?

Post by painforest666 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 7:21 am

If anyone knows a way to remove or completely disable the touch strip mine is jumping around when not touched. I've tried everything on the support page about it.
I know I'm not supposed to ask for help here, but I need it terribly. I just purchased a Push 2 second hand. Everything seems to be working except my touch strip jumps around without touching it. As you can imagine this renders it completely useless. This is what I asked support. I think its weird they shut down their help forum- are they trying to sensor and hide all the issues the company has?

VIDEO OF PROBLEM AND STATUS REPORT:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

How can I get around a faulty touch strip ?
I sent this to support:

Push 2 touch strip keeps jumping around without being touched. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE to use. I got an error report I've attached - other than that please view my other tickets for more information.
please help me I just bought this and can't use it at all.

even if you suggest a work around that may help a ton!

Also please lookup my push serial number and transfer ownership I do not have any information from the seller.

any workarounds? If you can't help me with this it would be only right to upgrade me to Standard version please.

I purchased an ableton push 2 second hand. I am sad to see the touchstrip jumps around constantly. I am very disappointed I paid a lot of money and the product is unusable. Please look up serial number and request change of license from previous owner.

I would also like to transfer the registration over to me but I do not have any information from previous seller.
I have tried on windows 10 ableton 9.5, and a Mac ableton 10. At a friends ableton 9.7 windows.
I have tried multiple usb cables and USB ports. Brand new cables.

Everything is setup correctly I’ve played with midi inputs and get it to stop for a small amount of time then the pitch strip goes all the way to the top. With Drum rack it goes to top bank / octave and when I try and change back down it jumps back up the second I take my finger off.

Let me know how I can get help please understand this is a game breaker. I will not stop until I have been helped.

I’m out a lot of money on this please contact previous owner To transfer the push 2 to my account. Please help me as this is unusable I’m very disappointed.

The video is when plugged into power and computer off- but it is the EXACT problem I am having it happens on live or not.

Let me know where I can get it repaired and how to get the license transferred from previous owner I can provide ANY proof you need.

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