Help with Sending Midi CCs

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Help with Sending Midi CCs

Post by vuunderboy » Wed Jan 27, 2021 12:17 am

This is cross posted in a different group as well. Apologies, but DESPERATE for help...

I'm trying to create multiple midi clips which can send a MIDI CC to a program like Resolume. Im looking for a step by step walkthrough of getting ABLETON set to send. I'm already ok with Virtual Midi Port communicating with other stuff.

Main Issue:
1) Create a Blank Midi Clip (Row.1, Column 1 - Song 1)
2) Set up Envelope to send a MIDI Ctrl message (or 20)
3) New Clip (Row 2, Column 1 - Song 2) How do I send different MIDI CC for this new clip?

I may be missing it, but each clip (row) in a track (column) holds the same MIDI CC. I'm probably doing this wrong, but I've scoured boards, google, Youtube, and can't find a resource to walk me through. Reaching out for help as I'm so beyond frustrated.

And, if you could treat this like it's s post from a kindergartner, I would actually love it. There has to be a step or concert I'm missing which is grinding me to a halt.


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Re: Help with Sending Midi CCs

Post by Greenapples2019 » Sat Jan 30, 2021 9:54 am

Hi there, and welcome, I hope this helps:

1. Double-click the cell (Scene 1, Track 1) where you want the MIDI clip
2. Open the envelopes, select MIDI ctrl, choose a MIDI CC and set the value to whatever you want it to be.
3. Create a new clip for the other cells if you want them to have a different CC number..

If you copy/paste a MIDI clip to other cells, you also copy the MIDI CC setting in which case you have to delete the envelope before choosing a new CC number. You can do this by clicking on the small circle at position 1 on the envelope, but it's just easier to create a new clip for each different MIDI CC number.

Once you've created a clip for, say, CC20 you can name it "MIDI CC20". Then open the browser, click on User Library, right-click the window to the right, select "New Folder" and call it "MIDI clips". You can then drag your MIDI CC20 clip into this folder and then when you want a MIDI CC20 clip in the future you can just drag it from the browser into your project.


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