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Post by peeddrroo » Thu Mar 02, 2006 2:21 pm

alright, thank you all for your help....
maybe i'd better explain why i want to do that.

i use the kaoss pad a lot during my gigs, especially one effect (#60). due to the fact that one of my arms is useless (thanks snowboard), i want to be able to control this KP effect with a foot pedal.
so i've created midi clips that send CC data to the KP.
now all i need is to launch these clips with my pedal.
so i'd like to have the effect switched ON (on the KP) only when the pedal is down (ie clip #2 plays), and have no effect the rest of the yime (ie clip #1 plays).

does that make the situation clearer?

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Post by conny » Thu Mar 02, 2006 4:06 pm

sweetjesus wrote:
conny, u didnt get my setup at all.

press s repeatedly... not just once.
No I didn't. But I do now :oops:

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I've tried and only Midi-OX works!

Post by niknfa » Sat Jan 19, 2008 12:23 pm

I scratched my head for a while over exactly the same problem (it got sore).
Rather than CCs out to an external device I want to route them out to a MIDI bus (Midi Yoke on my PC) and then have the input of that bus set to 'remote' in the midi setup (so it can come back into Ableton and control a variety of things).

I basically want to have loads of fx parameter midi clips set to my Novation Remote and trigger them short and sharp for an extreme, hands-on sound... but also have them all revert back to the top clip of a follow group - which resets the fx parameter to its original setting. Otherwise my live set could get too messy and fx are left on when I don't want them to be.

I've come to the conclusion for the moment that you can only do this with the wonderful Midi-OX (
You set it up so that it will wait for, for instance, any note off on midi channel 1 (when I take the finger off a key assigned to an effected clip) and then have it send a note-on which is assigned to the reset clip.

You set up port routing to take your input device (Remote in my case) and send it to Midi Yoke 1 or something. Then set up your mapping so that it passes on the normal note on/off of the key you’re pressing plus a slightly delayed different note on/off to trigger your reset clip – I found that I had to put the other note-on delayed by 1ms (because midi is old-skool and is in serial, never parallel).
In Ableton you have to change your input from your normal device to Midi Yoke1.
I guess this only works with the clips on gate mode, though you can set them to be quantised.

Anyway let me know how you get on (if you’re still even interested in this topic)… I can send you the midi-ox midi map file if you need but the program is fairly self-explanatory.

Also, as I’ve got so much from this forum in the past, I will get round to uploading my live-setup… it involves 8 channels of audio which go to 4 separate groups (bass, drums, synths, vocals). I can arm each of these groups to independently go to an ‘fx channel’ which is loaded full of lots of fx (assigned to qwerty keys and midi controls). This then goes to ‘master’ audio channel before the actual master, as this allows me to put send fx on the master output.


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Post by Bierman » Sat Jan 19, 2008 2:50 pm

I'd be interested to see that. :D

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