What format do you buy your music on?

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What format do you buy your music on?

Digital Download (Any compressed format)
Digital Download (Non-compressed format)
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Post by wavejumper » Fri Jan 05, 2007 12:44 pm

aye, don't get me wrong, not arguing with you, i'd like to hear other opinions about this as it seems to go be going that way regardless (ie: performace against recorded) but I do not agree with it as a model.

currently I still only buy vinyl and would be well pissed off it all the choice I had left was to buy digital files, especially compressed, DRM infected, poorly produced music files.

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Post by Hervé » Fri Jan 05, 2007 1:03 pm

robin wrote: I've not really found any free netlabels yet that I like the material on. I'm not averse to the whole idea (lets face it does anyone producing techno/house actually make money off a small vinyl record run...it's a labour of love anyway) but I've yet to see evidence of things *really* moving in tha direction.

I guess I'm talking in detroit techno, deep house, electronic disco circles here if anyone wants to suggest some labels.

As it is I buy all my music on vinyl from small local independent record shops.
Ok, only live is a bit of an extreme idea. But for me it's really a direction that our music is tending to go.

As examples of netlabels that are really foward thinking :

Unfoundsound & Foundsound

A real label side with vinyls for one part

foundsound records is based in philadelphia (usa) with a second office in marseille (france) -- showcasing quirky, dancefloor-friendly tracks constructed from fragmented samples, organic minimalism, and random field recordings.

And a nelabel for the other side

welcome to our netlabel! unfoundsound aims to distribute dj-friendly audio files (high quality 256kbps mp3 files, and perfect lossless flac files) at no charge under a "creative commons music sharing license" (click below for more info). through monthly releases, unfoundsound offers worldwide exposure to promising new artists as well as established artists from around the globe. in addition, unfoundsound provides a series of free downloadable field recordings (the unfields) available to everyone for creative sampling, musical composition and whatever your fuzzy, little heart desires. enjoy!

Now for another approch you have netlabels like


Archipel is a collective of musicians and designers in question to unite their skills in achieving new creative projects. As a label, Archipel release music on CD, 12" and mp3, with songs made from a collective library of sounds. By forcing musicians to think again of their own music production routine, we hope to see emerge music with it's own identity

They have both hard and hard and netrelease, the funny thing is that theiy offering the hard release as free netrelease after 2 months.

And both label are real quality.

Ps: excuse my english

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Post by Massi » Fri Jan 05, 2007 2:50 pm

+1 for Netlabels. And i buy only vinyl. Cd`s sound way too bright for my likings.

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