Finished song-Arr. View-what are my finishing steps.........

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Finished song-Arr. View-what are my finishing steps.........

Post by bedhead » Fri Feb 20, 2004 1:15 am

Greets fellow artists: (much apologies 'bout dbl. posting-forgot 2 login)

I know how...unforgiving this forum can be, so i hope i can get some newbie recording queries answered.

Im using Live 3.0(master)Rewired w. Reason 2.0(slave).

Been hired to submit some songs(and a remix).

I know how 2 use the session view as a improv sketch pad.With decent results.

More often than not i usually use the arrangement window as a composition tool.

I have samples that ive dragged onto Arr. view,usually modified 2 my liking. Some tracks are audio recorded from Reason.

The whole song now(without touching any record features) is fully laid out in Arr. view. Composition complete

Levels and efx placements are all in place. Automation really isnt necessary. From top to bottom i have 11 tracks. The mix,as far as i have it sounds good.

Is my song now actually finished? As i want to have this burned to CD.

My confusion lays in my next steps-do i have to save this as self contained?
-do i have to record what i have in the arrangement to disk?(i tried to record my track #1,as an experiment out of my confusion, and while it did record,i had no signal piped thru anywhere.
-where does rendering to disk fall into the scheme of all this?

I have read(re-read) the manual, and combed the forums,but some lack of brain synapse within is blocking the obviousness of my confusion. Sorry if this seems rudimentary, but the finishing processes(including some mastering maneouvers) leave me guessing........

Hoping for your kind considerations.........................BeDhEaD


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Post by kenan » Fri Feb 20, 2004 1:40 am

Select all all your tracks in the arrangement view, from the beginning to the end of the song. The select the Render to Disk menu item. A dialog will let you select options such as AIFF or WAV, loop or not, analysis file or not, etc. Probably 'no' to those last two.

Hit ok and soon you'll have a file you can burn to a CD.


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Thank you so much Kenan..........

Post by bedhead » Fri Feb 20, 2004 8:46 pm


Is the mp3 result of the questions i had, and the answer u provided.

This was made entirely on Live3.0 Rewired as master to Reason 2.0.

I did some mastering on Blaze Audios Wave Labs.

Very happy w. results. Some of my drumming is on there. Made use of the sample offset feature,and a few well placed efx.

Much thanx again Kenan................................Bedhead

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