tap tempo/loop recording

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tap tempo/loop recording

Post by os » Wed Jun 19, 2002 9:39 am

Thanks to Robert (Monolake) for confirming that tap tempo will be in a future Live update.
I wondered though what exactly is meant by tap tempo. One thing people mean when they say this, which I suspect is what is being implemented for Live, is repeatedly pressing a key in time with the music (every quarter note say) in order to set the tempo.
However, speak to someone who's more used to using an EDP/JamMan/Headrush/Repeater, and they'll mean something else entirely - hitting a key twice to determine the start and end of a loop (which will typically represent several bars of music).
This latter version would be a fantastic addition to Live - to be able to hit record, start playing your loop, then hit stop and for it to immediately start playing back the loop at the tempo implied by the recording time.
Admittedly this is taking Live in a slightly different direction to where it is now, but this is probably where a lot of potential users are coming from - people from improv/looping backgrounds rather than DJ/studio types.

Tommy Genes
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Re: tap tempo/loop recording

Post by Tommy Genes » Wed Jun 19, 2002 1:33 pm

Yes, I second this idea. I have experimented with using Live as a JamMan type instrument already, using MIDI control of the session view. But this is limited by the tempo set on the screen, and I have to have a drum loop playing in order to keep the newly-recorded loops in sync.

This could be a whole other market segment for live, and I don't think this feature should be that difficult to implement, nor should it hurt performance of the other features of Live.

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