Certain Virusscanners making ableton crash more!

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Certain Virusscanners making ableton crash more!

Post by Pitchcontrol » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:17 pm


I am a windows 7 64 bit user and expienced alot of crashes... I was using Kasperksy internet security 2011 on my computer. One day I decided to remove kaspersky from my PC and to start using it on my laptop. So I replaced Kaspersky with Microsoft Security essentials (The free virusscanner from microsoft). And I noticed that Ableton was alot more stable. Like 99% more stable!!!

A friend of mine had simular problems, and he was using Avast virusscanner. He replaced it with Microsoft Security essentials and noticed that Ableton was alot more stable...

I hope this info helps to develop a stable version of ableton!!!

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Re: Certain Virusscanners making ableton crash more!

Post by Angstrom » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:46 pm

I think with all firewall / antivirus software - if you have them on your music computer you must make sure that all your music apps are marked as 'trusted' and all your music software and all its related gubbins are marked as whatever the firewall calls 'good' & allowed to communicate to the net, etc. otherwise the antivirus/firewall may decide to start inspecting the audio data & files as you are using them!

Secondly, make sure that all firewall/antivirus software does not automatically update itself. Only that it checks once when you boot if there is a new version available and then does nothing more that indicate the update. Nobody needs an automated firewall update while they are working on a track.

And yes, in a perfect world all our music computers would be off the net, but then - the world isn't perfect.

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Re: Certain Virusscanners making ableton crash more!

Post by mr.adl » Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:22 pm

Can SOOO confirm that: Kaspersky was crashing at least one previous version of Live 8 so badly, i was went nearly nuts!

Switched now to Norton Internet Security and have no probs at all.

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Re: Certain Virusscanners making ableton crash more!

Post by Bainesy » Tue Aug 09, 2011 1:10 pm

I switched to Microsoft security essentials from kaspersky - then I got a virus within a month - crippled my PC and squashed MSE like a little bug... It's lightweight to say the VERY least - better off using no virus scanner and no Internet if using windows...
Else you can get a Mac and do whatever you like without worry :-p

Nah, seriously tho - do be careful with MSE, it is definitely not good if u download a lot... And as you say, kaspersky is quite often set up sooo tight that it strangles anything that moves including all your day-to-day software... Seriously IS the reason I switched to macs.
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