better exporting needed

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better exporting needed

Post by pelsik » Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:02 pm

exporting audio stems of drums in ableton is unnecessarily difficult.
i mostly produce for other people and when i send my beats or instrumentals to my clients. i have to send them stems for every individual component. Take the drums for example, sending a different audio track for the hihats, kick snares, claps etc.. so they can get it professionally mixed

it would be extremely beneficial to add a tab like "exports drum racks/impulse sounds as individual tracks" when selecting the export "All Tracks" in render tracks

having to go to every sound and solo-ing them and then having to go through the process of exporting each individually is unnecessarily time consuming

also in addition if possible if their was a way in the device tap in the detail view to have a "drum sampler" or "drum rack" tab to label instruments like native instruments battery, maschine, and kontakt drums or any other drum sampler plugins as a drum rack, so they to could have each note (different drum instrument) exported separately with the request earlier would also be a huge benefit

please, these features, especially the first one, could be a dramatic improvement to the workflow in ableton

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Re: better exporting needed

Post by re:dream » Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:14 pm


It seems to make sense to allow Live to export groups.

At the moment the choice is between "master", "all tracks" or any one specific track.

As the OP says, this makes exporting stems based on the buses and groups very tricky.

My workaround: I always title my groups with capital letters, export the lot, and then delete the unwanted ones quickly

But if there was a checkbox like dialogue box in which you could mark which tracks should be exported it would be even easier.

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Re: better exporting needed

Post by jbodango » Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:46 am

Bump. Here's what I end up having to do since rewire slave functionality is currently "of questionable freshness"

1) Export all tracks as mono.
2) Export all tracks as stereo.
3) From finder or explorer, delete the stereo tracks not needed for import into other DAW
4) From finder or explorer, delete the mono tracks not needed for import into other DAW
6) Import the files into said competitor's DAW.

having the ability to control which exported tracks come out as stereo and which come out as mono (in one fell swoop) would be a huge productivity enhancer.