Macbook Pro freezes every hour. Crucial M4 SSD Fail

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Re: Macbook Pro freezes every hour. Crucial M4 SSD Fail

Post by glitchrock-buddha » Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:27 pm

I'll never buy a crucial again for a macbook pro.

I put a 512gb crucial in with optibay in my superdrive slot on my last macbook. froze all the time. no annoying. Had to take it out. Bought a new macbook pro which came with factory 512gb ssd and it works great. Tried again with secondary ssd in superdrive slot of my new machine, putting the new 960TB crucial in with optibay. Made sure the specs were supposed to work with the given linkspeed and everything. Same issues. Whenever accessing the crucial drive, beachballs all the time. Couldn't use sample libraries with it. So I put back my 1TB 7200rpm hard drive in there.

Never again with crucial. The problem is, when you're used to having two drives, it's even harder waiting for single SSD drives to catch up to the size you already have. I'd love to have all SSD but that would require a 1.5TB SSD.
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