Chord progression reference for push - 50+chord progressions

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Chord progression reference for push - 50+chord progressions

Post by Lostbeat » Thu Oct 24, 2019 3:10 pm

Hey, its me. The guy who made the push chord reference.

I made a new tool for students of the ableton push, a list of ready to go chord progressions and their positions on the push (in key mode). With over 50+ chord progressions taken from popular music this collection will give you over 100 variations in major and minor modes alone.
(Includes an Ableton project file with midi to help you practise the chords in major and minor keys)
For those who want to dig deeper there is a list of number permutations of patterns that can be applied to progressions – with over 5000 variations on 4-7 chord patterns.


Heres a video demo and link to dl on gumroad

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