browser colours / bigger instrument view / complete info etc

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browser colours / bigger instrument view / complete info etc

Post by harold23 » Fri Jan 13, 2012 4:02 am

OK so here's my wish list - sorry I haven't read through the whole forum to see if they're already out there:

1. info for all the devices in the info box
- this is a no brainer and could probably be sorted out in an afternoon - why not update it for future live8?
- i.e. how come most of the devices have info about how they work in that box but some of the more complex like reverb and grain delay for example just give a useless generic message. I remember this annoying me way back in live6 I can't imagine why it hasn't been updated already.

2. why not allow colours into the browser as well? this would allow me to bookmark good tools in the browser that I want to find easily.

3. and why can't the instrument view be expandable? obviously this is going to take a little bit more work to do, but it would be great if I could drag upwards on the drum rack for example and all the bits would jump up to take up two or more layers. It's a real pain scrolling up and down through all the drum rack rows in such a little box.

4. why doesn't the drum rack have a "sends only" option in the "audio to" box like you get in the main view?! the audio to box is just sitting there and doesn't serve any function - it would be useful to be able to send whatever drum kit parts to a 100% effect but as it stands I think the only way to do this is to group them all to a separate drum rack which is much clumsier.

ok thanks

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Re: browser colours / bigger instrument view / complete info etc

Post by Inqy » Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:40 am

Furthermore I don't like that we are limited to only a few group of colours. I dont want to use spat-colours.
So please add the option to create own colour-presets.

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