Recording overdubs with Push 2 not starting at bar 1

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Recording overdubs with Push 2 not starting at bar 1

Post by YannickBisson » Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:03 pm

Hi there!

I own Push 2 and notice an odd behavior while trying to overdub a midi clip In Session View: the clip does not start at Bar 1, but starts recording at a bar depending on where the cursor is in the Arrangement View.

Here is how to reproduce it.
1) First, arm a midi track and record in Session View a 8 bars clip. Then stop recording and stop the playback.
2) Then go the Arrangement View, put the cursor at bar 7.
3) Go back to Session view. And make sure the previous recorded clip is selected and the track is armed.
4) Hit Record on Push 2 to add something (overdub) to that clip.
5) Here is your bug: Instead of starting to record a bar 1 of the clip (like it does when you record a clip for the first time), it starts the clip at bar 7, where you put the cursor at in Arrangement View.

Remarks: this bug only happens when using Push 2 record button. When I record using the Overdub button in Ableton it works fine. I also own a Launchpad Pro and I can overdub without any problem.

So the annoying workaround is to systematically put the cursor at bar 1 in arrangement view BEFORE recording with Push 2... or.... use the Launchpad. :/

Any one can confirm?


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Re: Recording overdubs with Push 2 not starting at bar 1

Post by [jur] » Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:18 pm

That's a tricky one and I can't test right now but I think it's because you need first to click the back to session button... Maybe not. Weird thing is that you observe different behavior with other controllers and the UI rec button.
There's an option when right-clicking the rec button, which is mostly related to the interaction with Push. Try it and let us know.
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