Help, total newbie needs workflow advice

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Help, total newbie needs workflow advice

Post by davidrf » Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:52 pm

Hi there, I'm trying to record a hard rock version of "Personal Jesus" based on a (not hard rock) live performance by Depeche Mode where they start slow and then speed up a lot the song. I want to follow that exact structure, but I have several problems:

1) Is there a kind of workflow you can suggest to keep track of the various sections and their consequentiality? I'm really having a hard time recording a base guitar track and remembering that stuff. I tried to count the bars in the live version and recreate the structure with markers but I still get confused... a lot!

2) How can I manage the tempo change? I'd like to have the slow section at about 86bpm and the fast section at 140bpm. Should I use automation or there are other ways?

3) What sould I do to import a 130bpm audio track in my 140bpm project and try to sync it at 140bpm? I tried to warp the imported track at 140bpm but it still doesn't match.

Well that's a lot... thank you very much in advance if you take the time to reply!

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