Direct X Support!

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Direct X Support!

Post by LUX » Fri Mar 15, 2002 5:41 am

How about DX & VST 2.0 support?
While your at it why not VST instrument implementation too? :o

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Post by FrankH » Fri Mar 15, 2002 5:02 pm

Read the previous postings, i don't want Live to be a midi sequencer, i already got one.
Logic and Cubase can be synced to Live. The whole concept of Live is to provide a good enviroment for playing and tweaking audio streams.
Building midi sequencing into Live does not fit the concept. And BTW these features, if implemented, will cost us (users) money, we will have to pay for it in version 2.0



Post by mark0 » Sat Mar 16, 2002 11:42 am

i still reckon directX would be a big bonus - there's no reason (apart from development costs perhaps) why it shouldn't be incorporated. :)

Post by » Tue Apr 16, 2002 3:31 pm

what the hell do you think has midi in common with dx?
i\\\'m using some very powerful dx-effects i can\\\'t exploit with live, they greatly enhance the mixing quality and are more powerful than most vst-plugs. so surely dx-support would be great. and it would never come into your way...

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Post by bioroid » Wed Apr 17, 2002 5:06 am

DirectX is Windows only and shouldn't be a priority. I like how Live supports both Mac and Windows and systems like VST/ASIO that are multi platform.


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Post by Agnishvatta » Thu Jul 31, 2003 12:08 pm


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Post by GRUFF » Thu Jul 31, 2003 3:26 pm

Just because DX isnt on Mac doesnt mean that it should be ignored.
There are some great DX plugins for PC that many users would love to be able to make use of in Live.

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Post by epilacs » Thu Jul 31, 2003 7:14 pm

check this out:
a vst plug-in that 'hosts' dx plugins.
i use this regularly with no problems and fairly negligible cpu usage. ... dxrack.htm

ps this is a direct link to a frame
the homepage is


Alex Reynolds
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Post by Alex Reynolds » Thu Jul 31, 2003 8:23 pm

If Windows users get DX then the rest of us should get AU. Fair is fair...



Post by Guest » Thu Aug 07, 2003 8:53 pm


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