Push 2 bad pad sensitivity

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Re: Push 2 bad pad sensitivity

Post by blof_eld » Fri Dec 16, 2016 3:48 am

"hold" the user mode button down to access the velocity settings, don't let go of it
Is that for Push 1 or Push 2?

I just upgraded from a Push 1 to a secondhand Push 2.

It is ok, better than Push 1 for percussive/drums, but I find it a bit insensitive for playing melodic parts, I've only had it for a few days and I am getting used to it I think, but I find I'm getting a fair few missed notes because I'm not pressing hard enough.

It's like it will always trigger if I hit the pad quickly, even softly but quickly, but if I slowly press harder on the pad, it will not sense until the pressure is quite a lot. Maybe it's because I was a guitarist before, but when I'm playing a relaxing melodic part, I tend to push the pads softer, it feels unnatural to me pressing fast/hard when I'm playing something soft, but that's what it feels like I need to do to avoid missed notes.

I had my Push 1 sensitivity set to maximum, just slightly lower than the threshold where I got stuck notes, and I was quite happy with the pads on Push 1 for melodic parts.

Especially I notice insensitivity when setting the clip loop range (in the bottom right quadrant when in drum sequencer layout). That seems to take a massive amount of pressure, about the same amount as it would take to get a full velocity note. I find it very counter-intuitive how much pressure this needs.

I do realize that the firmware is set to avoid stuck notes, but is there a way I can make the pads more sensitive than the normal Setup menu will allow? I would like to set it as sensitive as I can, without getting stuck notes of course. I was surprised that there was no way with the Push 2 to set it high enough so I get stuck notes, so I presume there is still headroom there and the stock firmware is quite conservative.

I wouldn't say it feels like it's faulty, just like that's the design and the firmware is conservative. Although I haven't tested a different Push 2 (I might go to a music store and have a go sometime), I do wonder if this behaviour is normal for a Push 2. The pads aren't as sensitive as I imagined they would be from reading reviews.

The Push 2 is still a definite upgrade from Push 1, but I'm still a little disappointed that the pads are not 100% better, they feel like kind of a sideways step, better for drums but IMO worse for melodic.

I have no idea when it was originally bought, or if it has been registered by the original owner, although I could get in touch with them.

Do you think it's worth getting in touch with Ableton support, or is that just the way it is?

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